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Speciality in Syrian cuisine

You will discover a wide variety of salads and vegetable dishes. The most prominent and popular are: Tabbule, Geben, Fattuch, Falafel, Warak Inab and Hommos. Among the meat dishes, the star dish Ugarit, is the authentic Shawarma, as well as Xix Tawuk, and grilled beef Arayes. The grilled dishes are a novelty with many alternatives of hot sauces, tahini and spices. For a varied tasting you will find the combined dishes of both, vegetables and meats. Within the Syrian specialities in Ugarit the best prepared dishes:

And to complete this experience, the desserts: Baklawa and Chay bel Naa Naa. Delicious desserts of puff pastry, nuts and honey, which you can taste along with 7 varieties of chay: Syrian tea accompanied by mint, cardamom, pine nuts, cinnamon or whiskey.

MENU FOR GROUPS In Ugarit you can find an ideal space for dinners and meals for groups and companies. The menu is totally personalized for each occasion.

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